Review: Benefit Bella Bamba 3D Blush!

When I got this blush the first thing that came to mind was NARS Orgasm noticing the pink with peach and gold undertones. When I applied it I was stunned at the brilliant color payoff, and get this... It actually smells really watermelony! The name suits it perfectly! It makes me feel "bella bambaish" Like I'm somewhere in Hawaii about to take in pina coladas at the side of the pool! (Big Sunglasses & all!!)

I love trying products with the newest technology! Benefit launched this blush announcing that it is 3D. They say it amplifies cheekbones and creates the illusion of sculpted features!

I like using the Girl Meets Pearl by Benefit as a highlight right above where I apply my blush... OMG! Gives me the dimension that I love and every time I turn my head the light catches it perfectly!

**Will feature in my next look of the day post**

What else you need to know:

♥ I use a blush brush to execute my look although it does come with a brush... Didn't even give it a try, but I will (one of these days) just for the review purpose (I'm sooo married to my blush brush though) *sephora professionnel blush brush*

♥ Very rich & pigmented so start off light & add more if needed.

“In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they're still beautiful.”
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