The Game: Season 4 Episode 1

Season Premiere of THE GAME last night! So many of my friends are fans of this show! We were gonna have a game party but the weather was horrible here in NYC so we decided to all tune in at our own homes and speak about it over the phone :) Every commercial break my phone was ringing off the hook & we all kept conferencing in other people into the call haha!

I don't know if I'm psychic or what, but everything that I was saying was actually happening... (okay, not everything, but two things though!) Such as, When Melanie found out D.J. wasn't Derwin's baby I said.. watch her friend say that she made a mistake and it really is! So said, so done! I also said, don't do it T.T!! Malik is gonna make a move on your girl! Don't let her drive him home!!! So said, so done!!!!! Maybe it was just me, because whenever I watch a movie or t.v show I always read into things 10x more than the average person! Any little mistake I'm always the one to point it out!

Overall the hour long premiere was great and left a lot of cliff hangers for us. I am beyond excited to see what's going to happen next!

Melanie: Her dressing is on point! She looks great and even took off some weight! She was dead wrong for tricking little d.j into opening his mouth so she can get his DNA! "Say aahhhh" What is wrong with you Med School!?

Kelly: She looks hawt as usual! She cut her hair, she bought herself some designer clothes, she feels liberated! She deserves it. That whole situation with Stacy Dash I was feeling for her, especially that whole courtroom scene!

Malik: Is he on something? Why is he treating T.T like that OMG! Malik, whyyyy????

Seriously, what was up with Tasha & Malik? They didn't even hardly speak. What was that all about?

Sound off people, if you watched last night's episode, I'd love to hear your thoughts! xoxo

7.7 Million viewers! Great job BET, the marketing... REMARKABLE! *also noticed it was in HD for the 1st time*

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