The Game: Season 4 Episode 2

Alright, I tried to be nice... I thought because it was the first episode everything was a tad out of wack and they just had to get their groove back and try to cram everything into the hour long premiere to get everyone caught up, but NO!

What is up with the acting man!? I know it's a sitcom but seriously, I had much higher expectations of The Game.

I didn't catch it from the very beginning, so someone please fill me in! I caught it about 10 minutes in. The scene with Melanie and Derwin (with Janae at the door) what kinda crying was that? What was that scene!? It really upset me because I'm a true fan of the show.

On a better note though, I heard that some radio stations are starting to play the "Pitts and Dipp" song! hahaha

The storyline is great, a bit rushed but goodness gracious... hopefully the acting will step up a few notches because that there is not gonna make it! Still a fan, still gonna watch it every week though :)

Love to hear your thoughts, whether you agree or disagree with me... & pls someone fill me in on what happened the 1st 10 minutes! I don't remember seeing Kelly or Tasha for the whole episode so I'm sure they were somewhere within that 10 minutes that I missed :(
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