The Game: Season 4 Episode 5

Ahh, the good old days..

I feel like we are literally starting over with the cast and I'm beginning to really like that. At first, I was confused. Not sure if confused is the right word. I went into this thinking everything was going to be the same so my expectations were a bit different. My feelings right now about the show has changed since episode 1. I'm relating to each character differently at this point.

When Janae was pregnant, ugggh!! I could NOT stand that girl! I couldn't wait until she'd just be written out of the script!

As much as my bff is going to hate me for stating this, I'm starting to relate with Janae! She is right, what did she do wrong? She got hurt out of the situation just like everyone else did. I'm sure if she was in Janae's shoes she'd probably be much worse.

I think that Derwin really needs to man up and put his foot down once and for all! He messed up with Melanie more than once (Drew Sidora) & time after time she has forgiven him. If the situation was dealt with and he didn't make Melanie feel so secondary to Janae and his son she would've never even needed to swab him in the first place. Derwin likes the fact that Janae still has feelings for him. He is being unfair to Melanie AND Janae. I wouldn't be surprised if him & Janae start messing around soon smh.

If you missed it check it out here let me know your thoughts!

"Compromise, if not the spice of life, is its solidity. It is what makes nations great and marriages happy."

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