Blogger Awards!

I've accepted these awards before but never followed the rules completely... I did list 7 random facts about myself for one but never nominated anyone else for the award like I was supposed to...

1. I used to be a party girl... partying just about every single might of the week

2. Can memorize all of the words to any movie (& act them out too)

3. I'm a true Scorpio (yea, whatever that means right)

4. I suffer with migraines

5. I like writing everything down (I'm one of those people)

6. I used to dance tap, ballet, african, jazz, & modern.. even danced at Carnegie Hall

7. I only told a handful of my friends about my blog.. & only about 3 of my friends that I have twitter! (Am I weird or what?)

The Rules:

To accept the award you must mention the person that gave you the award as well as nominate others & list 7 random facts about yourself.

I am nominating a few of my new followers because I'd like to know more about them <3

Pepe ~ Make Up Like Graffiti

Samantha ~ Samantha's Makeup Room

Adthenshesmiled ~ Someone, Somewhere, Blogging

Ellis ~ EllyBellyBaybee

p.s. sorry if you've already been nominated & accepted these awards! just do it again, i did! ")

Thank you Mei Mei for these awards! Check out her blog guys! ♥

“I wish life were more like a musical, so when I burst into song at the bus stop, people would stop staring at me. It might also make them more inclined to learn the chorus and the dance numbers.”

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