Carol's Daughter Event!

I had a blast last night! Here are a couple of the photos that I was able to capture!

That's right, I've got Victoria Secret Angel Selita Ebanks posing for me! Isn't she fab!?

Don't know who this is, but she looked pretty cool holding that clipboard.. like she was someones assistant or a pr girl... so I snapped the shot hehe

Tried to catch Mary J. Blige walking in... (those that follow me on twitter have already seen this one)

Before taking this pic Cassie turned to me and said, "Mmm, you smell good! What are you wearing?" "I said, "Thanks, it's pink sugar!" Then Selita said, "Wow, you do smell good!" Right after the pic the beautiful Solange Knowles asked me to smell, and said "Wow, that does smell nice!"

I was not disappointed at all. I had so much fun at this event! It all went down at Sephora on 34th Street NYC! They made me feel very exclusive by providing me with a wristband in order to enter the 2nd floor of the store. I was able to rub elbows with some amazing celebs! It was a very classy atmosphere and the champagne that was being passed around just added that little something extra.

I was there no longer than 10 minutes! No, I wasn't rushed out.. but as soon as I seen Adrienne Balion sneaking away (alone) I took that opportunity to go ahead and follow her out lol!

I caught up with her outside and that's when we started chatting...

When I told her that I left the event to come outside and talk with her she offered to give me her wristband! (my wristband didn't allow re-entry) What a sweetheart! I declined the offer, I felt like I got everything that I wanted out of the experience & it was time for me to go home. I was tired!

Pedestrians started realizing who she was and kept stopping to ask for pics, so she told me that she had to go, but reassured me she'd check out my blog! While parting ways I noticed a Bentley pull up behind the Escalade Mary J. Blige arrived in. Let's see who comes out of this car, it was P.Diddy's mom Janice Combs!

She looked great!

"It's a beautiful place and everyone here is knowledgeable about nature and filled with passion."

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