Skincare: Tips!

Skincare is the first step towards the perfect makeup application!

Dishing out a few of my tips! I'd love to hear from you guys as well.. let us in on some of your tips & tricks when it comes to skincare!

always remember this acronym "BLT" Brighten, Lighten, Tighten! keep an eye out for these key words while reading the description & ingredients on packaging!

no matter what method you are using to remove eye makeup, always remember to be gentle around this very sensitive area!

invest in multi-purpose products, that way you get more for your buck! (i.e. cleansers that can also remove makeup, moisturizers with an spf)

choose products that are suitable not only for your skin type (oily, dry, combination) narrow down your choices by choosing products that help with skin concerns as well! (aging, enlarged pores, uneven skintone, sensitivity) ((i.e. enlarged pores, use a moisturizer that helps to mattify the skin while controlling excess oils))

invest in makeup wipes! these come in handy when you just can't find it in you to go through your entire skincare regimen!

❤ apply your moisturizer not only onto your face, show some love to your neck & décolleté as well!

Hope these tips help, & don't forget to share your tips as well!


“Around your skin, I tie and untie mine.”

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