Anime Eye Trend

Hey lovlies!!
SOOOO im here with a new trend....well  more of a new Halloween of fancy dress trend lol!
This look is know as Anime Eyes it has been extremely popular with so many people for costume parties and things like that! One well know celebrity thats never afraid of looking different is none other then Lady Gaga she has been sporting this look in her day to day wear! However i don’t recommend this for day to day wear as the look is only effective if your eyes are closed and lets face it if you like me, walking and done more then one thing at once is hard enough let alone having your eyes closed ontop lol!
So here are a few lady Ga Ga  pictures and ive also include my tutorial for this look its Super Cute but i must admit it does take patience and a little effort on your part but the end result is well worth the hard work

Till next Time Jade xxxx
Stay Stunning x
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