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Hey my lovelies
So this post was inspired by the amazing style and class of the women that lived in the 20's right through to the 50's!
I know its quite a wide time period, but the woman took time to create intricate and beautiful hair designs and were proud to put their best face forward!

So i thought id just do a super quick over-view of the hair and makeup for each time period.

Style through the years......

20's -  The Hair was more "Flapper" inspired! Most of the hair styling was done wet, "wet set".
With pi-curls and finger waves. The women also rocked short sever bobs!

The Makeup was not natural at all! This was the rebellious stage! Dark smokey eyes, dark lips (shaped in a small rounded pout), ultra thin brows and lots of blush!
Ive done a full blog post on the 20's hair and makeup...check out the post here!

30's- The Hair again is full of finger waves and pin-curls, but you start to see more softer and feminine styles.
The Makeup similar to the hair the makeup starts to become more soft. The brows are still very thin, but the rest of the makeup is more subtle.

40's- The Hair slowly evolves to more voluminous hair styles still with finger waves but more modern. Most letting hair hair hang loose in a beautiful full style. They also did the famous fringe roll!
The Makeup this is more of the start of the Monroe look- Natural eyes and a soft red lip! this was the more toned down look.

50's-  The Hair you get the Iconic Marilyn Monroe look! Full with sexy looser curls. This hair is free and more softer on the face, not as severe as past looks.

The Makeup- Again the Classic Monroe look! Dewy skin youthful glow, fuller arched brows and red glossy lips

My Creation


The Hair

This hair is more 20’s-30’s “Flapper” Inspired. Ive created a finger wave in the front section only and a few pin-curls in the longer lengths of my hair.
It does take a but of practice but with time you will be able to get this look down pat!
I did the finger wave in the front section only! If you planning on doing this throughout your whole head simple follow the same technique through out the head, the the “S” shape waves in the same direction throughout the whole head!

This hair style is more suited for short hair lengths.
If your hair is longer like mine, simply curl the ends and create a pin-curl, or you can simply wave the front sections and leave the rest hanging loosely curled.

*Also this style is created on WET hair! You also need to pack it with a gel or setting lotion


Bobby Pins or Pin-curl Clips
Fine Tooth Tail Comb
Gel, Setting lotion or Sea Salt Spray

*Ive Used De Lorenzo Elements Ocean Mist

The Makeup

The makeup look was inspired by Marilyn Monroe.
Her skin always looked youthful and glowing. In fact Marlyn Monroe used to use Vaseline as a  primer! She must have had quite dry skin! But it defiantly gave her skin a magical dewy glow!
So for this look its imported not to over load on foundation! Just spot treat your skin, apply some only where its needed! And prepping your face with moisturizer is a MUST!

The eyes in this look are simple, focusing on the eyeliner and lashes.
As seen in the tutorial, i draw on a faint line under my lower lashes to create the look of a shadow, being cast by full and think lashes! This technique was used by Marilyn Monroe's Makeup Artist Whitey.

I also focused on contouring, and LIPS! Again another trick that Whitey used from Marilyns makeup was to apply 3 coats of lipstick! This through the sheer volume of product makes your lips appear so full and lush!


Sukin Facial Moisturizer
Napoleaon Perdis Sheer Genius Foundation in Light Look 2
Maybelline Lumi-Touch Concealer/Highlighter in 02 Nude
MAC Studio Fix in NC25
SAVVY Powder in Dark

SugarPills Tako Eyeshadow
WNW Fly me to the Moon Palette Brow Bone Shade
Naked Palette Eyeshdaow in Naked
Australis Brown Eyeliner
Milanin EyeTech Eyeliner in Black
Red Cherry #213 Lashes x2 pairs
Maybelline 1 x1 Mascara 

LimeLilly Cosmetics in Scarlett
Napolion Perdis Double Agent in Rouge
Maybelline Lipstick in Are You Red-dy?

Watch the tutorial here!

Thankyou all for reading!

Have a fantastic day

Jade xxx

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