SAVVY By DB- Luxury Liner & Eyeliner Review

Hey lovlies!
So we all love a bargain right! Who doesn't!
Quite a while ago i came across a brand that is super cheap but incredible quality! Its been out for ages so its not a new product but if you haven't tried it out yet, you defiantly should!

The brand is called SAVVY
and if you have been watching my channel you would have noticed that im a huge buyer/fan of their products!

So im pretty sure that SAVVY is a branch of the Designer Brands makeup label. As on all the SAVVY products they say "SAVVY by DB"
SAVVY as well as DB are known for super cheap yet high quality makeup!
DB has plenty of web sights and information around about it, but ive found it quite hard to find some more info about SAVVY. All i really have managed to find is its distributed by Priceline (sold exclusively at Priceline)  and that its made in the EU (European Union).
Other then that all the info ill be giving you today is based on my own experience with the products.


So i have 2 different SAVVY eyeliners to review for you guys today! They are the same price of (from memory) $4.50 or something like that.
Will start with the physical comparisons then get down to the nitty gritty!


So a fair few differences here. Firstly the "Luxury Liners" are a solid colour from base to tip, they are also the colour of the eyeliner inside.
My 2 "Luxury Liners" are in
Glitzy Gold & Illuminating Indigo

The "Luxury Liners" are actually a larger size then the normal Liners. You get 1.2g with the "Luxury Liner" as apposed to 1.1g with the standard Liners.

The Standard Eyeliner I have is in Smoke
Its in a silver tube with the colour of the product on the tip of the pencil only. The text is in Black where on the "Luxury Liners" the text is Silver.


Alrighty! Both liners show amazing colour pay off. I do feel that the standard Liner required slightly more pressure then the "Luxury Liners" which, considering its being applied near your eyes isnt the best. The standard eyeliner has more of a intense matte finish.

SMOKE- The colour is solid no shimmers or glitters. The texture is soft, but not creamy its what i would call a Khole eyeliner. The more you apply the darker the colour will become.

I dont have the full range so this is just based on the liners i have here, but it seems to me that the Luxury Liners" have more of a metallic finish and a softer creamier constancy.
Considering the Luxury Liners" have a creamier softer constancy the pay off is amazing and you do get a fantastic intense colour without having to go over the same area again and again. However in my experience creamy products can tend to run or move around a bit especially if its a warm day. To solve this i simple add a eyeshadow of the same colour over the top to set the cream eyeliner, this only really happened on warmer days.
The Luxury Liners" can also be blended out and smudged alot easier then the Standard Eyeliner can. That is just due to their constancy, but it makes them a breeze to work with.

GLITZY GOLD- is metallic to the max! It also has very small glitter/shimmer particals to it which give it a beautiful eyecatching effect.

ILLUMINATING INDIGO- So i must admit ive had this bad boy for a while and lost the lid AGES ago, so it has dried up slightly. This colour is still metallic not as much as the gold. but as you can see it still has shimmering glittering partials within it aswell. Seeming ( as i mentioned before) i dont have all the liners, im not sure if they all have this shimmering metallic quality to them, but these too certainly do!

So i will defiantly continue to by the Luxury Liners over the standard. I just like the colour pay off and the constancy more! But why dont you give them ago yourself and see which one is your favorite!

SAVVY also have a full range of makeup and they are such great quality so try it out next time your in Priceline!!!

Love Jade xxx
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