Maybelline Illegal Length Fiber Mascara- My Thoughs!

Hey lovelies!
So im here with a review of the latest Maybelline mascara called "Illegal Lengths"

This mascara is a "Fiber" mascara. Meaning that there are little partials in the mascara that attach onto the ends of your lashes lengthening them, without having to wear falsies! They are different from curling and voluminous mascaras as they dont focus on plumping up the lashes, they focus on the length and length alone. SO if your lashes are quite sparse naturally, this may not be the mascara for you as it may make your lashes look a bit spindly.


 The Maybelline mascara is claiming to give you an extra 4mm of length ontop of your natural lashes, which for me is amazing as my natural lashes are pretty much non-existant!

It comes in 3 shades
and its also available in a water-proof formula.


So i have used many a fiber mascara in the past, and i always have the same issue with them. They are very drying, and they flake and peel off leaving you with speckles of mascara all over your face (mmmm great look!). But im glad to tell you that this formation is very different for others ive used. Its more of a cream formula, and its ultra hydrating and conditioning for your lashes and leaves 0 flakes! WOOO HOO
Also you dont have to apply heaps and heaps! It will go a long way, in the pictures below i only applied 1 coat and got amazing results!

The wand tip is quite long- longer then other mascaras and its straight.
It has heaps of little bristles with more bristles leading off the bigger ones. Its designed to get right into the roots and still lift your lashes will completely covering them from root to extended tip!


It retails for $19.95- the size is unfortunately smaller then other Maybelline mascaras.
For example Maybellines "The Falisies mascara" is 9.2mls while the "Fiber Extension" is only 6.5mls. And they both retail for the same price!

If you guys would like me to make a comparison video/blog post between the "Faliseis" And the new "Fiber Extension" please let me know! x


 Before and after photos- I did curl my lashes before applying mascara, and only applied 1x coat.

So yes they are visibly alot longer! I love this mascara- But my natural lashes are very thing naturally so i do feel they look a bit like spiders legs haha- but if you tight-line your waterline with a black eyeliner that will make your roots appear alot fuller and ticker too!

Hope you all enjoyed this review!

Lots of love

Jade x
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