Blue Ombre Hair- HOW TO

Hey loveleis,
so you know me, i dont feel right if i dont have some crazy colour somewhere and today i want it to be my hair!
So this is more a pictorial of how i got my hair this amazing Ombre Blue!!
this was the photo that sparked my inspiration!

If you want to see the video, click here

So if you have watched the video ( if you havent watch it NOW lol)
i mentioned that i did a bleach bath on my hair. Most bright colours are designed to go on ligther/blonde hair, and because my hair at the time was red i needed to lighten it! Click here to find out how to do a bleach bath

So after my bleach bath, thanks to the red in my hair this was my result

So pretty isnt it! It came out this colour because i had existing colour in my hair- Its so orange because my hair was previously red!
*please note bleach baths are more gentle on your hair- However they are still bleach and they will still damage your hair so BE CAREFULL!!!

from there i applied my colour =D

Hair colour I used

La Riche Directions Hair colour- This colour is great because it stains your hair and adds condition. Meaning there isnt any peroxide or ammonia, so it acts like a tinted conditioner =D 
I bought my colour from a online store called Pimp my Eyes (mainly sells contacts x) at the time they had free express post OH YEAH!! the colour was cheap, and you got a fair ammount
$14 for 88mls as opposed to Fudge Paintbox where you pay $18 for 75mls
I left the colour on for 1-2 hours to really let it work its way in!!

The colours i got were
 Lagoon Blue- Mainly used in the mid lengths as a blending colour
 Neon Blue- Used on all my roots thoughout all my hair
 Turquoise- The mid-lenghts to ends colour
White Toner- Used to make a paler shade of turquoise

The great thing about this colour aswell is you can do a swatch on a piece of paper and see what the colour looks like. It will always be slightly brighter on white paper then on your hair- but it still gives you a fair idea!
Top- Neon Blue
Middle- Lagoon Blue
Bottom- Turquoise


So what i did was apply the Neon Blue to all my roots of all my hair
Roughly about 15cms
As you see in this finished photo where the blue and turquoise meets

Then i applied the Lagoon blue in a few random sections

Lastly i applied Turquoise to all the hair that was remaining, using my fingers i blended it though well to create a seamless result!

I also had hair extensions that i coloured (see above video) to help add length and give me more ombre effect!


Like all vibrant colours they do fade. Personally i feel this colour lasts SOO much longer then fudge! This photo below is my colour without re-applying after 7 washes!
Yes it has faded, BUT if it was fudge colour i was using it would be all washed out!

To keep your colour vibrant i recommend mixing in some of the colour with your conditioner and using that when you wash your hair! It will give your colour a noticeable boost!!

Thanks so much for reading!!!
Love you all


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