Brown Eyes

Hey guys
So as promised this is the first in a collection of tutorials about Eye colour and what shades of eyeshadow brings out the best in each eye colour!

Today is Brown Eyes!

So if you have brown  eyes your one of the lucky ones!
Remember back in school when your were painting and learning the colour wheel etc?
Well, I sure do i remember mixing all the paint together and what did i come up with.....?
BROWN! Not a very attractive colour brown but im sure you guys get the point!
Brown is a neutral colour on the colour wheel, basically meaning that all shades will look amazing on you eyes! Of course i know that some will make them pop more then others and that is what its blog post is all about!

Start off with some background information

Your eye colour, darkness depth etc, depends strongly on the concentration of Melanin in the back of the iris ( iris pigment epithelium). Some interesting facts, brown eyes are the most dominate eye colour in humans, with over 1/2 the worlds population having brown eyes!
It also depends on your Genes, the Gens for brown eyes is EYCL2!
Dark eye colour is more common in Asian and African countries, where as lighter brown to honey brown eyes are more common in Europe, India and throughout the Middle East.

So with all the Facts etc out of the way now onto the good stuff!

 I know just like any eye colour that all eyes are different and what suits one person might not suit another! it aslo comes down to your skin complexion aswell!

So i have put together a few examples!

Dark brown eyes
I feel look amazing with bright colours to bring out the eyes and make them POP!
So as i said before anything from this bright yet smokey purple to a Yellow or even a Sky Blue!
And of course a dark smokey look will always look amazing on dark eyes! However i recommend to go for more a Charcoal Grey then anything to black
Just my personal view i feel that too dark makeup with dark eyes can wash your eye out and you start to look the dimension of your face!

this next look is personally what i prefect for a sexy dark smokey look on dark eyes

That is dark eyes taken care of now onto the more Honey eye colour! Honey eyes in some cases can be very similar to hazel.

One thing i love with lighter eye colours is the flecks of different shades in they eye! One great thing to do if you really want to amp up your eyes and make them look incredible is use the same colour shadow as the flecks in your eyes!
For example if you have brown eyes with soft green hazel flecks, Green will look amazing on your eyes. It can also give a slight tinge to your eyes and make them appear a different colour!

So of course for a dark smouldering look again i love the charcoal grey colours on honey eyes

And finally i look i love and will always always always make your eyes pop no matter what colour they are is.......Your own eye colour on your eyes!!!
Im not talking a flat one tone colour...NO use a compilation of different hues this will make your eyes look so alluring

So as i mentioned before these are just my personal view and i hope that it helps you out!!
As i said with brown eyes, you guys are the lucky one you can wear and get away with all colour so get out of your comfort zone and have some fun with it! Try something new and exciting!

 Here is some more photos of the look i came up with!

And if you dont have brown eyes.....Dont worry (neither do i) You can easily fake this look with Circle Lens's...The lens's im wearing are GEO Princess Bambi Chocolate!
You can use Discount code "Stunning" For 10% Off store wide!!!

But if you dont have Chocolate len's this look still looks amaizng on all eye colours!

For this makeup tutorial and what products were used WATCH THE TUTORIAL XXX

Till Next time

Stay Stunning and i love you all
Jade x
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