Hey Guys!
They say that your eyes are the windows to your soul, so im guessing i would be right in saying that your eye brows are their frame!
So as you all i know i am a BIG believer in defining your eyebrows, it makes a HUGE difference to your finished makeup look! Or if your just going for a simple natural look it really brings it all together!
Eye browns are one of the key features in your face to express emotion! and trust me with no eye brows you look freaky and can look sick!

Me personally i feel like i have cursed eyebrows! They are basically non existant! My right eyebrow stops growing half way and the other is just super super thin!
 My Cursed Right Eyebrow!

But if i can sculpt my brows to make them look full and natural you can too!
The bigest thing with having beautiful makeup is keeping on top of your brows! i know it can seem like a full time job! If i want to keep ontop of mine i literally have to tweeze them everyday to tidy up any new growth and to be honest i dont do that nearly as oftern as i should!

~Remeber when sculpting and filling in your brows is they should be the same! Your eyebrows are more like sisters and not twins!

~To keep them looking as natural as possible use short strokes with a brow pencil or powder!

~Always use a combination of pencil and powder becuase the powder softens the look and helps give your brows a gradient effect!

~Use a darker shade of a brow powder to outline the brows to give them more defined.

~To sharpen the look use some concealer around the outlines to tidy up.

~AND of course seeming your putting so much effort into your brows its important to set them with a brow gel/ clear mascara so they stay in place!

Here are some photos of my eyebrows!
My Right Eye Brow once its been Filled in!

And my eye brows with make up on my face!
It can make a huge difference to your finished makeup look!

So thats about it for today

Lots of love and ill see you all soon

Jade xxx


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