MAYBELLINE Super Stay 14hr Lipstick Review

Hey Loveleis!
Im so excited ive just finished filming my first video as a Maybelline NY Vlogger!

This is the product they sent me to use and i fell in love it so much that i wanted to do a in-depth blog review!

The lipstick i received is

Maybelline Super Stay 14hr Lipstick


The colour i received is 080 Infinite Iris 

I like to describe the colour as "Jewel Toned"  Its a rich plummy, musky pink!
Not too pink and not too red. It has a very slight purple undertone.
And as you can see it has a beautiful shine and gloss to it!

This is a new product from Maybelline and im not 100% Sure if it is available in Australia yet.
Its on the Maybelline USA web sight but not on the Australia web sight, however the 24hr Super stay Lipstick is on the Australian web sight and available in store.

On the Websight its described as "a lipstick that wont weigh you down" Its a superstay lipstick with super rich colour offering "No dragging, No drying, No let-downs"

It comes in 20 different shade, and the size it 3.3g or 12oz.

My Opinion  

Its a amazing product to work with! Ive used long lasting lipstick before but as the time goes they crack, peel and then when you want to get the buggers off they stain your lips!

But this product is the opposite! Its smooth and creamy like velvet. It give a soft gloss to your lips and plenty of moisture!
I wore it all day and not once did my lips feel dry!

It smells AMAZING! I cant explain it but its nothing like your ordinary lipstick sent! Its like flowers and has a faint sweet smell like raspberry's. Its not overpowering at all, but very pleasant! 

They retail (in America) for $8.99 so when they become available in Australia im guessing they will retail between $15- $20.

Do they really last for 14hrs?

When i used this product i always prime, line and then blot! So ive done all i can to prepare my lips and make the lipstick last as long as possible! and YES it did last for 14hrs! and MORE!
It wasn't obviously as perfect as it was when i first applied it, but the colour was still visible and still gave my lips a nice tint!

I haven't used it on its own, but im guessing that the effects would wear off quicker.

First applied

 After 14hrs
So as you can see there is still colour there but not as pronounced! the gloss has faded and in this picture i just have a balm over the top.

Thankyou all for reading! Ill post the Maybelline video here when it becomes available!

Let me know if you have used this before and what your thoughts are!

Have a fantastic day

Love you all


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