Double DIY- Sequin Collar & Head Chain

So who loves things that are unique.....1 of a kind and more importantly affordable???

Hmmmm........I DO

hahaha so what could be better then not 1 but 2 DIY's!

These 2 DIY'S are incredibly simple and so much fun! It will just take a bit of time on your part, but trust me the results are well worth it!


-Blouse of your choice
- Sequin Rope ( a row of sequins so much faster then using individual sequins)
- Hot Glue Gun (saves all the sewing, and i suck at treading needles)

So for this DIY i already had everything that i needed except for the sequin rope, which i bought from a craft shop for $4 a meter. I bought 2mts. Which is plenty for my collar and there is heaps left over to do the cuffs if you wanted to.
The great thing about this DIY is you can really personalize it! You can choose  contrasting  sequins to the top for more of a "Colour Blocking" look or you can go for similar or the same sequins like i have! Its completely your choice!

NOTE- Let the blouse dry for at least 12hrs before you wear it!
ALSO Cold hand wash ONLY!


- Chain- I got mine from Bunnings $3mt- I got 3mts.
-Jump Rings
-Lobster Claw Clips

So im in LOVE with head chain....but sadly where i live there is little to no choice and the 1 or 2 head chains that are for sale everyone else has! So there is NO uniqueness.
This is such a simple and versatile head chain! You can really make it your own by varying the chain that you use, how many runs your put in, and also by the colour. Its so simple to spray paint it once your done (just make sure its 10000% dry before you wear it, and avoid getting it wet)!
Ill admit that this did take more time and require some patience and it can be quite fiddly but the results were well worth it!
TIP- i found that it was hard to keep track of which run when where etc, so i put some sticky tap on then and colour coded them with texter to help me out!

Oh and some of you may be wondering YES my hair is purple~!
I used FUDGE Paint Box in Blueberry Hill! I LOVE IT!

If you guys want to watch the video on how i made these
just click on the below link!

Hope you all enjoyed this!

Lots of love

Jade xxxx

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