Heart Breaker Palette Review SWATCHES

Hey my lovelies!

Im super excited to show you my newsest and most loved Sugarpill palette! If you all love bright makeup (like me) Im sure you would have already seen this or managed to get your hands on it!

It is so amazing and super cheap considering the fantastic quality of the product!
With out further ado lets get right into it!

Just like all the previous Sugarpill palettes the Heart Breaker palette comes with 4 amazing high pigmented shades.
In stead of the outside packaging being pink ( like the Burning Hear & Sweet Heart Palettes) this packaging is Blue.
Inside are the most amazing shades! I like this palette the most mainly because they a Greens and Blues

The shades are as follows top right hand corner working clockwise
Acidberry, Velocity, 2am & Mochi

Acidberry is a yellow based green like a green apple shade

Velocity is a rich royal blue shade similar to the sugarpill royalsugar without the shimmer

2am is a red based purple more of a plum shade which adds a great contrast to the predominantly cool toned palette

Mochi is a pastel aqua shade in my opinion it has a faint yellow bases undertone making more of a warmer aqua

All of these shades (mabey with the slight exception of Acidberry) are matte shades Acidberry has a very faint shimmer to it. They are a very rich eyeshadow and considering the matte texture they are quite easy to blend. But always air on the side of caution because they are HIGHLY pigmented, and a little goes a LONG way!

Each pan contains 4g's of product so a total of 16g's all up! I bough my palette directly from the sugarpill websight which cost me $34 and i got a free pigment sample! Ill always buy my products directly from their websight the shipping is very fast and Amy is amazing with her customer service!
Everything came wrapped in pink tissue paper i also got a Sugarpill Glitter sticker which now lives on my car!

So my opinion is BUY this palette NOW! You will not regret it and it will last you forever!

So here is the first look ive come up with! Im sure there will be plenty more to come!


I used all shades in this look! And only thoes shades! xx

Thankyou all for watching!

*Video comming soon where im wearing this makeup! So you can have a better look!

Please comment!

Jade xxx
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