HOW TO- Shave the Side of your Head!

Hey guys!
So this is not a new thing, not at all. Heaps of celebrity's and normal people have been doing it, and i really love the look!I know its not for everyone but i feel if you really want it, go for it!
Dont let anyone put you down or tell you not to do it! If you want it bad enough it will look amazing on you and you will rock it!


I have been thinking about doing it for a very long time, and today was the day! I finally plucked up the courage to go through with shaving the side of my  head!

Here are a few tips if you are wanting to do the same thing!


Good quality clippers
Tail Comb
Hair clips or hair band

Start by working out what side you want to shave.
Using a tail comb, mark out your desired shaved area. If you like you can draw it on your scalp before hand with a non-toxic marker and then follow that guild line, its completely up to you!

Then to see if your happy with the section, pin the section back close to your scalp (like a faux head shave) and let the rest of your hair out! This will give you a great indication of the look! Tweek your section of hair if you feel you need to!

MWAHAHAHA fun time!
Start with a larger clipper attachment! This will reducde the pulling and tearing on your hair. Also it gives you more room to move! I started with a 6
Then went to a 4, then finished at a 3.
When your shaving make sure you bring the clippers down from all different angles to ensure you get all the hair! If you just have the clippers going in the one direction your likely to miss bits!

And yeah that is pretty much it!

I have a video on this...ill post it here when the video is live!

Hope you liked this!!

Jade xx
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