Luscious Cosmetics Review

Hey guys!
So i was lucky enough to be contacted by Beauty Luscious and Co and asked if i would like to review some sample pots for them!

Firstly a bit of background information on the company

Beauty Luscious and Co is a Australian company made up of amazing makeup artists and hair stylists. They have many years of experience under their belt and they are driven to bring their customers the latest and greatest in makeup  and hair trends that will cater for everyone!
They offer workshops makeup and hair for weddings and photoshoots as well as much more!

The Cosmteics part of the business is called "Luscious Cosmetics"
They sell to the public the amazing products they use on their clients and in their photo shoots! YAY we can get these products too!

Here is a snippet i took from their websight
“Luscious”  meaning highly pleasing to the taste and smell or richly satisfying to the senses or mind, was a perfect fit for what we aim to produce and deliver in every single item in our brand. Tantalising scents, lush textures, breathtaking performance , stunning vibrancy and longevity.

They are a delux makeup range- but they manage to keep their prices affordable without skimping on the quality!
They have a massive range of makeup colours, and textures to really cater for everyones skin colour, type and preference!

They also have their own skin care range- making Luscious cosmetics a one stop shop for flawless skin and makeup! 
AND Better yet...they are NOT tested on animals! WOO HOO

They also ship internationally with free shipping in Australia if you spend over $100!


I was very lucky to be sent 3 samples to try out. A illuminator, a lipstick and a foundation.


My blemishes and dark circles are gone! My skin is illuminated and glowing! Would you believe that i havent used any blush, eyeshadow, contouring, highlighter or concealer to create the finished result!!



The foundations appearance is quite thick, and creamy. When it is applied on your skin however it melts and blends in effortlessly! Leaving no reside only nourished flawless skin.
Despite its consistency it doesn't feel heavy at all on the skin- its the opposite! Its super light and "air like" it lets your skin breath,  due to the fact that it is a water based foundation! The foundation still manages to give you amazing coverage and evening out your skin tone at the same time! It doesn't streak or go cakey through out the day either! Its key ingredients is Vitamin E and Wheat Germ, which will help improve skin elasticity and its like your skin is having a treatment every time you wear this foundation!
It can be doubled up on your skin as a concealer as well. And it lasts a very long time on your skin, without transferring or smudging! 
*PIC- Once foundation/ foundation concealer has been applied 



The Illuminator i received is in the shade "Paradise" it is a gorgeous Bronze shade. The shade itself (in my opinions) has these amazing flecks of colour that are picked up in different lights. I see rose gold, copper and a beige shade all mixed in together!When its on your skin it looks incredible it really catches the light!
it has this awesome kind of gel like mousse consistency, which is highly pigmented! trust me a little will go a LONG way with this baby!
The consistency leaves your skin literally glowing and looking and feeling radiant! It blends very well on your skin, and because of the gel type texture it wont fade or smudge off your skin.
This is great because it can be used all over! for your face and your body!

*PIC- Once Illuminator has been applied 
*RRP $45


This lipstick is incredible! i got the shade "Glama" and it is a stunning rose pink shade. What i love about this lipsticks is its so nourishing ...hence the name. But it literally just feels like your wearing a lip balm on your lips! 
The lipstick has a very soft sheen to it, which makes your lips appear fuller and gives them a very beautiful natural gloss!
*PIC- Once Lipstick has been applied
*RRP $30

These products are truly amazing and the results do really speak for themselves!
Check out the video here

Thankyou all so much for reading

Love you all



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